Helping Teen Girls in Colorado Overcome Trauma

Teen girl sad on wall

Experiencing trauma at any age is a tragic and horrific experience, and that tragedy is increased the younger the victim is. Many teens that experience a traumatic event in their younger years develop a condition called PTSD, which stands fo Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD is accompanied by feeling of terror, panic, stress, and often feels like you’re experiencing the trauma over again.

Colorado Teen Girls overcoming trauma at Trinity Teen

Trinity Teen is a residential treatment nestled in the Sawtooth Mountains of Wyoming. It’s a destination treatment center that is trusted by the parents of teen girls all over the country. Being able to completely remove yourself from the area where the trauma took place is a powerful tool in beginning the recovery and healing process.

Symptoms of Trauma in Teen Girls

Often, when a teen goes through a traumatic experience, you assume that what will help this is to talk about it. Sometimes, a survivor does want to talk about their trauma. But that’s not always the case. Instead of wanting to process the traumatic event, often they will want to reject it and pretend that it hasn’t happened. This is a normal response during the beginning stages of healing from trauma. A teen who has experienced trauma may exhibit the following:

Needing time to take in what has happened

Not knowing how to express feelings that are unfamiliar to them

Not wanting to upset their parents

Belief that they should be strong for their family

Afraid of being condemned or judged

Refusal to acknowledge reality

Prefer to talk to friends about their experiences

Communication after a traumatic event is a normal response, so don’t let this hurt your relationship with your daughter. We know that you just want to help her and see her return to previously happy self. The first step to getting that back, is to get your daughter treatment for what has happened to her. Professional help will help not only her, but you. Give Trinity Teen a call today for a free consultation.

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