Helping Idaho Teen Girls Overcome Trauma

Sad teen girl sitting down

Traumatic events can occur at any age, and when it happens to a child or teen, it can affect the way that they live for the rest of their lives. Many teens who experience a traumatic event develop PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and will have to deal with it for years. PTSD comes with feelings of anxiety, panic, helplessness, and reliving the traumatic experience that happened.

Idaho Teen Girls Overcoming Trauma

Trying to work through any time of traumatic event on your own is difficult work, and honestly, isn’t something you should have to try to do yourself. At Trinity Teen, we welcome troubled teen girls from all over the country to experience healing through our recovery and rehabilitation programs. Located in the Sawtooth Mountains of Wyoming, Trinity Teen is a close neighbor to Idaho, and many Idaho parents choose to send their daughters to heal at our residential center.

Symptoms of Trauma in Teens

One of the most common symptoms of trauma in teenagers is panic attacks. An invisible onslaught of fear and terror, and it can be crippling. During a panic attack, reality slips away and you have a skewed view of how things are around you, because of the terror that has gripped your body. Here are a few symptoms of panic attacks to look out for:

Difficulty breathing and shortness of breath

Nausea, stomach pain, and cramping

Pounding heart, tightening of the chest

Chills or hot flashes

Dizziness, lightheadedness, feeling like you’ll faint

Trembling, shaking, loss of balance

How to treat your traumatized teen

When dealing with trauma, although you may feel frustration, it is important to be calm and reassuring. Receiving professional help and therapy for your child who is experiencing trauma is an important step in their recovery process. It’s a lot to take on alone as a parent, and a professional can aid you in simultaneously helping your daughter heal, while teaching you to be a better parent through trauma.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, or your teenage daughter is showing signs of experiencing trauma, call Trinity Teen for a free consultation. Our tranquil rehabilitation center in Wyoming is the perfect place to heal and get a fresh start.

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