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Help for Troubled KidsTTS is a Christian based residential treatment center providing therapeutic help for troubled kids. Our desire and goal is to nurture and encourage self-discipline and leadership in the lives of struggling girls. The importance of spiritual development is emphasized by our Christian approach for kids who have lost sight of a clear future. At TTS, we aim to impress upon our students responsibility and honesty while providing them the opportunity for a quality education. We encourage restoration of family relationships and a connection with God. For more information on how we can help troubled kids, call .

Parenting is a trying experience and the restoration of your family may be the adventure of a lifetime. No parent is prepared for their child to be held back by behavioral, emotional or psychological issues. At this moment you might feel as though you have experienced enough excitement and you are looking for a way to calm things down, by looking for help for troubled kids.

Some parents may consider placing their teen in treatment outside of the home for the very first time. They may still be dealing with the shock that this option has even become necessary. They have done everything in their power to raise a good child and have made every sacrifice possible to be a model parent. For each parent there is often confusion and fear around what it means to place their child in a residential treatment facility. While placement in a boarding school might feel like a last ditch effort or a big financial and emotional risk, this decision is, actually, a new beginning. Parents need to know what defines troubled kids and when they need to seek professional intervention. If your child is not responding to you or family members who are trying to reach out to help them and things are not getting better, perhaps it is time to look for intervention.

Common Warning Signs for Parents who want to Help their Troubled Kids

Some common warning signs for parents with troubled teenagers to consider are: abandoned friends for new ones, questionable peers, a sudden drop in school performance, extreme mood swings, lying about whereabouts, abnormal financial changes.

Please feel free to contact TTS with any questions you may have about what makes us different from other therapeutic residential treatment centers. The distinctions are what have made us so successful in helping girls move past obstacles and on toward brighter futures. To speak to our Admissions Specialist, call .