HealthPartners Insurance and Mental Health Treatment

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As a parent, it’s impossible to take mental health and behavioral issues in your teen daughter lightly. What may have started as a generally poor attitude, mood swings, and depression could now be something far more life-altering and visibly apparent. Seeing your child in emotional distress can be frightening, but seeking professional help can help her and your family find healing. If you’ve come to the conclusion that you can no longer provide a safe haven for your daughter at home, at school, or within her community, it may be time to seek out a healthy option for her to heal away from her current environment.

However, taking the first steps to finding adequate care for your teen can feel impossible, and emotionally draining. You might also be wondering if your current insurance plan will be enough for you to find the care she deserves. Trinity Teen Solutions wants to help you lift the heavy burden upon you, and answer the tough questions about care, so your family can take those first steps to heal right now. Trinity Teen Solutions works with several major insurance providers, including hat’s why Trinity Teen Solutions accepts all major insurance providers, including HealthPartners Insurance. 

Does Your Insurance Work With Us?

If you’ve ever looked through the list of health care providers under the network of HealthPartners Insurance, you may already be familiar with the treatment centers currently part of their In-Network providers. Although many of those facilities under contract are suitable to care for your child, you may feel like something is lacking. Finding a residential treatment facility like Trinity Teen Solutions is difficult. The care that we can provide is unique, it goes beyond the traditional in-patient treatment, and helps us stand apart from others. Parents often seek us out due to our faith-centered programming, and our specialized holistic care. Although we are considered an Out-of-Network Provider, our facility, program philosophy, and success rate make us a great option for your teen’s wellbeing.

Insurance Information

If Trinity Teen Solutions is the best fit for your daughter, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We can begin processing your HealthPartners Insurance immediately. Before we begin the application process, we’ll first need to confirm your current coverage, benefits, and obtain the following information, such as:

  • Your plan’s Out-of-Network Deductibles.
  • Your plan’s Out-of-Pocket Maximum.
  • Your plan’s lifetime and annual benefits. 
  • Your current available coverage.
  • Your plan’s waiting periods for preexisting conditions (if any).

We know that every day your child is struggling is one day of contentment they and your family misses. Our team will work quickly to contact your provider to get a better understanding of your current policy, specifically your plan’s mental wellness and dependency policies. From there, we can give you an idea of what your out of pocket expenses might look like.