GEHA Insured Mental Health Treatment

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It’s not always plain to see the difference between normal teenage behavior and mental health issues that may be causing your daughter emotional trauma. Where the average teen behavior can, at times, be chaotic, there is a fine line between healthy and unhealthy. If you’re noticing behaviors that are beyond your or their control, it is time to seek the help of a professional. Although many families choose to seek mental health treatment from a nearby source, it may not be right or enough for your child. Sometimes, it takes more than several sessions with a therapist or outpatient facility treatment. 

You may have already sought help from your GEHA Insurance provider’s list and found that the provider’s within your network are unable to give your daughter the help that she needs. If you’re seeking specific care for your teen, it may be time to look for treatment facilities out of your provider’s network. Trinity Teen Solutions is here to provide the much-needed sanctuary your daughter may be needing. Although we are an “Out-of-Network” service, our ability to provide improved mental health treatment for your teen makes our facility one you shouldn’t overlook. 

What is the First Step?

It can be difficult to talk to your teen about getting the help they need. Meeting them at a place of support, love, and acceptance is the first step. Talk to them openly about seeking treatment, engage them in meaningful conversation, and be sure to look for a mental health treatment center that includes the entire family in the healing process. If during your discussions you decide that Trinity Teen Solutions is the right place for your daughter, you can begin the journey to happiness and stability by contacting our office. We’ll start by processing your GEHA Insurance information through our billing department. As we are an Out-of-Network facility, we will confirm general information regarding your insurance benefits, including:

  • Your Individual Out of Network Deductible. 
  • Your Individual Out-of-Pocket Maximum.
  • Lifetime and annual benefits. 
  • Your co-insurance percentage after your deductible has been met.
  • What coverages are available to you.
  • Waiting periods for preexisting conditions.

We know when the health of your child is concerned, time is of the essence. Our team of administrators will work swiftly to contact your provider and gather necessary information. Soon after, we’ll have a greater understanding of your provider, your current plan, and dependency policies. After we’ve contacted your GEHA provider, we can begin working toward the rehabilitation process. In most cases, we can even receive your information and connect with you about your options within the same business day. 

Our Out-of-Network Program

Trinity Teen Solutions provides high quality, specialized care for your daughter. As such, our program isn’t what you might typically find amongst other In-Network facilities. Although we are not under contract with any particular insurance company, we do work closely with GEHA Insurance to make sure your daughter receives the care that she needs. Our core philosophy of holistic healing and faith-based teachings has proved to be a unique and successful way to promote healing in young women. If our program is right for your family, don’t hesitate to call us. After we’ve assessed your current insurance plan, we can get a sense of your out-of-pocket expenses may look like.