GEHA Insured Behavioral Treatment Center

The Benefit of Behavioral Treatment Centers

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Seeing your daughter struggle with addiction, depression, or aggressive behaviors can be overwhelming for any parent. Negative and potentially harmful behaviors are not only terrifying to witness but if allowed to continue, they can damage your child’s future. There’s a fine line between natural, developmental mood swings and behavior that has become dangerous. When these issues are left untreated, they can have a devastating impact on their life as a whole, severing ties with family and cutting themselves off from the people that keep them healthy and safe. As a parent, it’s your job to make sure that when you see these behaviors spiraling, you act quickly to help your daughter find her way back.

A young girl’s transition into adulthood can be a challenging time. Sometimes any emotional pain or unchecked mental health issues can cause young women to feel threatened, alone, and without a clear path to a bright future. Dealing with these issues and concerns at home, within an environment they know, can cause more harm than good. It can leave a teen stunted and without a clear direction of how to move forward in a positive manner. If this situation is sounding familiar to you, it’s likely time to seek help from a trusted behavioral treatment center.

GEHA Insured Behavioral Treatment Center

Finding a GEHA insured behavioral treatment center can be a challenge for your family. Not only do you need to find a place that is safe and provides a stable environment for your child, but you’re likely looking for a center within your current insurance provider’s network. Although it’s reasonable to assume that within your network there are facilities, rehabs, and therapists that can help your child, the level of care you’re looking for might not be provided. You’re looking for a center that offers more than surface-level care, and that can be a challenge if you’re unwilling to seek out facilities not covered by your GEHA Insurance. If your teen needs specialized care that usual rehab facilities do not offer, search for a behavioral treatment center whose program offers:

  • Various types of therapy
  • Evidence-based treatment techniques
  • Experienced and dedicated caretakers
  • Treatment that focuses on the whole person
  • Individually directed treatment 

Your GEHA Insurance may cover the cost of certain therapies and even rehabilitation facilities, but they may not be able to offer your child the treatment she needs to rebalance her mind, body, and soul. Where most programs will ease the symptoms that your teen is experiencing, they might not be getting to the very root of the issues at hand. Never choose a program that only acts as a bandaid. Instead, look at programs that create long-lasting change in your daughter.

Why Trinity Teen Solutions?

If your child is in need of a higher standard of care and diverse therapy, Trinity Teen Solutions could be the right place for her. Adolescents and young adults seeking care from Trinity Teen Solutions will benefit from evidence-based therapy techniques, genuine intensive care, and programs that develop character. Our mission is always to provide excellent care and continue to use techniques that are proven to work. Many of the individuals who leave our care go on to lead successful, happy, and healthy lives. Why does our program work?

  • Teaching God’s Word. Our core philosophy is teaching young women the importance of God’s teachings. We believe that each young lady was made with a purpose and that she’s here because she’s lost sight of it. At Trinity Teen Solutions, we hope to show her that there is more to their future than their past. Through our Catholic treatment program, we’re able to use His word as a part of our therapy, and throughout our activities. We believe that healing the whole person includes rejuvenating the spirit and soul, as well as the mind. 

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At Trinity Teen Solutions, we can help your daughter and your entire family find peace and happiness once more. If the harmony in your household as been disrupted, or your daughter is a harm to herself, don’t hesitate to call us today. Our caring and experienced staff can answer any questions and concerns you may have about our program, philosophy, and center.