Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Teen girl lectured by parents

The staff at Trinity Teen Solution’s Christian Residential Treatment Program for at-risk teen girls believes that the parents are the most important part of the treatment team dynamics and their daughter’s treatment outcome. Therefore, from the moment of admission our residential treatment staff focuses on preparing the parents for their daughter’s discharge.

Dealing with difficult teenagers requires family involvement. For this reason, Trinity Teen Solutions implements a family systems therapy program that gives parents the tools they need when dealing with troubled girls. Please call 307-202-8400 to receive more information.

Admitting your daughter to Trinity Teen Solutions (TTS) is a very important first step in restoring peace to your home. Dealing with troubled girls on a daily basis can be emotionally draining, physically taxing and psychologically exhausting.

Once your daughter is safely in our hands, you can begin the process of assessing the unique dynamics of your family through our family systems therapy program. It’s through this practice that your entire family can benefit by expanding your communication skills, learning more about yourselves and finding forgiveness that helps rebuild a solid foundation of trust.

Trinity Teen Solutions Offers Family Systems Therapy to Parents of Troubled Girls

  1. Parent Handbook and Orientation Packet

    While it is every family’s dream to live in peace with their children, adjusting to this new way of life – and to your “new” daughter – can be awkward at first. To start, we’ll provide a complete parent handbook and packet that will offer insightful instructions about what to expect on therapy day and upon your daughter’s discharge. We’ll also provide sessions based on various techniques of family systems therapy.

  2. Therapy Produces Healing

    Personality conflicts, keeping secrets and strained relationships are commonly found in families that are dealing with difficult teenagers. Each individual can become withdrawn and illusive, due to the stress and strain you’ve had to cope with.

    We strongly recommend that you participate in intensive family therapy with your daughter while she is in residential treatment, and to continue family therapy after discharge. Parents will be involved in weekly sessions that focus on understanding, expressing and constructively dealing with your daughter and family issues. The therapy also focuses on discovering the strengths and weaknesses of your particular family and its members.

    As each member experiences growth, the entire family structure will grow, becoming stronger, more closely knit and more resilient. In the end you will have a helpful collection of parenting tips, tools to help with your daughter once she’s back home and the ability to trust, forgive and appreciate one another.

  3. Individual and Marital Counseling is ALWAYS Recommended

    Your daughter’s therapist at Trinity’s residential treatment facility will always recommend that the parents and guardians find their own counselor’s and participate in individual and marital counseling to work through any issues that maybe hindering the ability to parent and the marriage.

  4. Bi-Monthly Treatment Planning

    The parents are an integral part of their daughter treatment and interventions. Every other week you will be sent the current treatment plan for your review and input into any treatment interventions that you think would be appropriate.

    Dealing with troubled girls in their teenage years doesn’t have to cause a tragic end of your family life. You, your daughter and every member of your family can ultimately benefit from therapy through Trinity Teen Solutions.