Family Problems

family problemsFamily problems can lead to far-reaching effects in the lives of troubled girls. For children, the family unit is the first example of how to behave in a social setting. As teenagers grow, the influence of their family begins to wane as the influence of their peers ascends. Family problems can exacerbate this dilemma, which can be especially serious in the case of troubled girls who have not yet internalized positive core values. Our values help us to make good decisions. When troubled girls have not had the chance to learn how to make good choices, they often find themselves in situations with big consequences. TTS can help troubled girls deal with family problems.

Types of Family Problems

Family problems can vary in scale and by type. There are many different types of homes that work fine for many young girls, and just as many homes that can cause problems that lead to undesirable behavior by struggling teens. Family problems can range in type from different types of abuse, such as physical, sexual or emotional abuse, while other situations may involve withdrawn families who do not provide enough nurturing or love to help a young girl develop a sufficient self-esteem or a sense of self-respect.

Using the Family Systems Therapy Technique to Overcome Family Problems

TTS uses a type of therapy called the Family Systems Therapy technique. Family Systems Therapy achieves dramatic results by encouraging positive attributes such as honesty, caring, openness, fairness, communication, forgiveness and acceptance. Family problems usually entail a home life that is absent of those necessary characteristics. That is why parents are encouraged to participate in sessions of intensive experiential therapy with their daughters at our school.

During your daughter’s stay, we will email you progress reports as well as tips from our counselors on how to maintain the atmosphere necessary to establish a problem-free family.

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