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Family IssuesTTS is a Christian based residential treatment center for troubled girls who are dealing with family issues. The importance of spiritual development is underscored by our Christian approach for girls who have lost sight of a clear future. At TTS, we have the opportunity to offer unconventional services with the use of animal assisted therapy. Horses have been widely accepted to be a therapeutic tool when teenagers do not respond well to traditional methods, often showing better results with equine assisted psychotherapy. Through nurturing these therapies and faith training, we can bring hope back to families who are experience detrimental issues with their teenagers. Please call , today.

Each family is different, but the common teenager experiences the same kinds of family issues. As children get older, it’s difficult to find ways to have family time while including the teen. For parents, it is difficult to understand their teen’s individual problems and worries. Sometimes teenagers perpetuate arguments and instigate other problems around the family members which makes it very difficult to enjoy family time. The teen years can also be full of rebellion. However, severe rebellious behavior could be a sign of a mental or emotional disorder and should be diagnosed by a professional.

There is no such thing as the perfect family. Every family is unique with its own combination of strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes families get overwhelmed by an endless list of challenges when it comes to shuffling work, school and individual family members’ needs. Sometimes families are also dealing with a mental or physical illness, a job loss, or an addiction. Even “joyful” events can disrupt a family with unexpected consequences.

Some types of Family Issues commonly treated by TTS

Depression, anxiety, phobias
Communication problems
Family violence
Parental divorce issues
Stepfamily issues
Sexual abuse
Chronic crises
Inadequate problem-solving skills

All families have problems with their teenagers, even in the “perfect” home setting, but if you are experiencing severe family issues in your home and need help, please call TTS at to speak to our Admissions Director and get the professional help you need and deserve.