Family I.Q.

Family I.Q.

Trinity Teen Solutions is committed to the health and well-being of your family.

Our Family IQ website is dedicated to helping families with a special emphasis on assisting those who have a child in placement. Our Troubled Teen¬†Treatment Program is committed to healing not only your daughter but your entire family. We have found that the number one key to your daughter’s success is your success. It is not only what she achieves through her changes and emotional growth, but what you also achieve through your changes and growth as a family system.

We, are pleased to offer online courses for parents and family members through Family IQ. This brings you online courses that are specifically designed as a resource for parents who have a child in a troubled teen program.

Here is a list of the life changing tools that Trinity Family IQ offers:

  • Unlimited 24 hour access to parent portal. Our online resource center to help you strengthen your family and improve your parenting skills, all at your own pace, and using the privacy of your computer
  • Every course is created by professionals who specialize in that particular course topic
  • Our award winning parenting courses, now available on CD, will provide you with even greater in-depth instruction on how to become a more effective parent and navigate the troubled waters often encountered while raising teenagers. Created by professionals who have worked with teens and families in outpatient and residential settings, these courses offer much needed advice and instruction on specific child/parent issues
  • Resources to strengthen your family through a better understanding and working knowledge of effective parenting and personal relationship skills
  • Online courses that teach important concepts and necessary skills needed to strengthen your relationships and to improve your life
  • Parenting courses that will develop and refine the skills that prepare you for the challenges of parenting
  • Family courses that teach you how to deal with the issues that are impacting your family
  • Quick bookmarking allows you to stop a course at any point and return later
  • Workbook exercises that will help reinforce the course concepts
  • Mastery tests at the end of the course help evaluate your course experience
  • After your daughter is admitted into our troubled teen treatment program you will be provided with a username and password to enter the Trinity Family IQ Web Site.

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