Wilderness Therapy

grand teton national park

At Trinity Teen, it is our mission to help troubled teen girls realize their dignity and self-worth. We take these girls out of the situations that foster their struggles and into God’s country where they can commune with nature, God, and teen girls who are battling issues similar to their own.

One of the approaches we use to help troubled teen girls is wilderness therapy. Wilderness therapy is a type of adventure-based therapy that centers around spending time outdoors. Through wilderness therapy, teen girls can undergo individual and group therapy for addictions, trauma, sexual abuse, adoption issues, divorce issues, behavioral issues, depression, anger, and more—all in an outdoor setting.

There are a variety of benefits that wilderness therapy can offer.

A new setting

First, wilderness therapy gives girls an entirely new setting where they can experience mental, emotional, and psychological healing. This new setting may be just what your troubled teen needs to break the cycle that is enabling their struggles to continue. Such a setting can challenge the individual’s comfort level and promote the development of new behavioral patterns.

Feelings of peace

For many, nature is the number one setting where you can feel God’s presence and enjoy an overall sense of peace. These feelings of peace and spiritual prosperity go a long way in providing healing and promoting a stronger sense of self-worth. Therefore, wilderness therapy can offer teen girls the overall sense of peace they need to heal and strengthen their self-worth.

New coping methods

Through wilderness therapy, troubled teen girls can explore a variety of new ways to handle personal needs and cope with issues. Girls spend time communing outdoors, practice new and exciting activities, and work together to overcome physical barriers. Ultimately, this can help them as they receive treatment—and in life beyond, as they learn new coping methods that can help them with their personal needs throughout their lives.