Supportive Maintenance

One aspect of our treatment plans here at Trinity Teen, is that we are able to completely personalize each treatment plan to what your daughter needs. We understand that it is never a “one size fits all”. One portion of our treatment plans often include what we like to call Supportive Maintenance.

What is Supportive Maintenance?

Essentially, supportive maintenance is a way that we help analyze how your teen is improving through their treatment. Throughout their daily schedule, we will do activities with them that will help them make decisions. These challenges will help them develop their decision making skills, and help us evaluate how well that are progressing. Actions speak much louder than words, and it is so important for us to see how your daughter is improving in our care, through how she acts and what her impulses prompt her to do. Supportive maintenance helps us evaluate her decision making skills and how she has improved in these aspects.

We incorporate this supportive maintenance into our daily schedules, within all of the interactions your teen has with staff, as well as how the client interacts with family members. Supportive maintenance is also utilized during group, individual, and family therapy sessions.