Relationship Therapy

There are many different factors that make up an emotional, mental, or physical problem. It’s never a quick fix, and it often requires more than one type of therapy in order to achieve healing and happiness. One of the types of therapy that we utilize at Trinity Teen, is Relationship Therapy.

What is Relationship Therapy?

When most people think of relationship therapy, they think of marriage counseling and marital issues. That is absolutely an aspect of relationship therapy, but it’s not the one that we’re dealing with here at Trinity Teen. We use the dynamics of relationships to encourage both emotional and spiritual growth. Our philosophy is “the family teaches right action through example, teaching and role models. The family is the safe place that adolescents hear and understand values they need in order to thrive”. Our relationship therapy programs strives to repair and create healthy relationships within the family.

How it works

We will include the entire family in relationship therapy, although that won’t be the only aspect of relationship therapy. At some points, it will be necessary to work one-on-one, in order to evaluate the specific needs in any given situation. We also want to make sure that the patient is comfortable and cared for, as they are our main focus. Relationship therapy is an important part of healing, but it isn’t the only part, which is why we will include individual sessions as well. These individual sessions will keep us on track and help us evaluate the effectiveness of the family relationship therapy sessions.

We provide a family environment where we lead, teach, and guide by example. The family should be a safe place for your adolescents to feel loved and special, and know that their opinions and feelings are valid and valued.