Psychiatric Consultation

One of the very first steps to begin therapy with your adolescent, is a psychiatric consultation.

What is a psychiatric consultation?

Psychiatric consultation is a biopsychosocial approach that we take to reach a girl’s mind, body, and soul. We incorporate psychiatric consultation into behavioral objectives, therapeutic directives, spiritual tasks, and homework assignments for not only the client, but her entire family.

Basis for therapy

The point of therapy is to help us discover, with your daughter, what issues she is facing, and then to help her on the road to recovery and self-awareness and discovery. A psychiatric consultation, which is one of our first steps, helps give us an idea of what other modes of therapy are going to be most helpful for the specific situation. We use this consultation to talk with the client, and use gentle methods to have her tell us her past and the way she feels. Even if all we discover through this consultation is the way she feels, and none of her past experiences, we’re still better prepared to issue therapy and begin treatment, than if we didn’t do the psychiatric consultation at all. Without this consultation, we are heading into therapy blind, and are unsure of exactly what is going to most helpful. Rather than use the process of elimination to find out what works, we’re able to find the root of the problem a lot faster and help your daughter heal.