Ordeal Therapy

Think back to an impactful moment in your life. Important and impactful moments are rarely made from common moments. They’re often imprinted onto your brain as important and eventful due to the ordeal that created them. Consider your graduation from high school or college. How impactful of an event would this have been if you hadn’t walked with your graduating class? If you had simply stopped going to classes once you had finished your requirements, and your diploma arrived in the mail, and it was suddenly over, how would it feel? It could feel like all the work you had done was invalidated. Or it could simply feel surreal, and the importance of that event would be lost, leaving you feel unaccomplished. Sometimes, it’s really helpful to create an ordeal around an important life event.

Ordeal therapy

Ordeal therapy is based on this idea, that important events in your life deserve to commemorated. Even small events deserve recognition and to be celebrated. With ordeal therapy, we incorporate ordeals of different degrees into their therapy, to help them create impactful memories surrounding their behaviours.