Medication Management

Medication Therapy Management is a pretty straight forward practice. In some cases, prescribing medication is necessary to help resolve the issue at hand. We strive to optimize drug therapy to improve therapeutic outcomes. We will collaborate with your primary care provider to maximize the benefits of prescribed medication. We routinely assess the effectiveness of everything that we prescribe, to make sure that everything is working in the way that it is intended to. We are also very wary of negative side effects caused by medication, and we use our regular assessments to determine whether or not a medication is working, or if the client would benefit from being switched to a different medication.

Part of our medication management program, is to educate the patient and their family on the importance of medication, and the positive role it can play on the healing and therapy process. We also advise them on potential side effects to look out for and be aware of, as side effects can sometimes be unpredictable, and medication can affect different people differently.