Individual Therapy

One of the many methods that we use here at Trinity Teen, is Individual Therapy. It’s absolutely our most used form of therapy, and is utilized at a minimum of once weekly for every individual in our care.

We use individual therapy to develop individual care plans, which help us identify problems, come up with solutions, evaluate the progress an individual is making, and eventually prepare to re-enter communities. We administer intensive individual therapy to each and every client, to fully treat them and make sure they’re getting the care and attention that they need.

Another wonderful purpose of our individual therapy sessions, is that it allows us to create individual plans to make sure that we truly cater to the individual needs of each girl that comes into our care. What works for one girl may not work for another, which is why individual therapy is so important, and why we administer individual therapy sessions at least once a week for every single client.

The reason that individual therapy sessions work so well is because of the safe, caring, and confidential environment that we create for these therapy sessions. During these sessions, we explore their feelings, beliefs and behaviors, work through memories that may be painful or difficult to process, identify parts of their lives that they want to change, learn to better understand and express themselves, set personal goals, and then work towards these goals and desired changes.