System Focused Education

Often, parents come to us at such a loss of what to do, that they ask us to handle the situation because they want it to be entirely out of their hands. Our goal is always to improve the lives of every client that comes to our care, as well as improve the relationships that she has with everyone in her life, which will include first and foremost, her family. Because we believe that these positive relationships can so strongly affect how effective our treatment is, we aren’t able to completely take the reigns, and not hand them back until our treatment is “done”. We want to involve the family wherever we possibly can.

Education and understanding is the key

Through the treatment process of your troubled teen, we’ll provide the most current information available on symptoms, disorders, and applicable treatments. With this information, we’ll present specific strategies to each individual family and their teen in both family and individual therapy. We strongly believe that through educating both the client and their family on what the treatment plan we’ve chosen is, and why we’ve chosen it, the treatment process will go a lot more smoothly. Anyone can blindly follow instructions, but we don’t want to leave you sightless in this process.