Crisis Intervention

Often, teens end up in our care as a direct result of a crisis, or a series of crises. These difficult situations can build up until they’re too much to bear, and they can often break someone if they don’t know how to properly respond and deal with a crisis when they are confronted with one.

Giving your teen the tools she needs to succeed

Everyone is faced with crises in their life, it’s simply an inevitable part of living. But a crisis doesn’t have to break you, even though it can often feel like it will. However, without learning helpful and necessary skills to deal with difficult and uncomfortable situations, it’s likely that it will be hard to make the right decision with faced with a crisis. This is the exact reason that crisis intervention is a huge part of our evidence based therapy model. We don’t want any client of ours to feel ill equipped to handle what life will throw their way. We teach every adolescent in our care how to deal with a crisis when it arises. We model techniques for resolution through teaching, and we encourage use of these new skills through individual, group, and family therapies. These are techniques that your teen will be able to use, and recognize when is the right time to use them, in real world situations that they may be faced with after they are no longer in our care.