Christ-Centered Counseling

A woman prays to her bible

We work hard to ensure that all of the girls in our program are given a firm spiritual foundation in the teachings of Christ and the Bible. We believe that the behavioral problems of many of these girls goes beyond just counseling issues, and comes from a lack of peace in their spirit. Because of this, spiritual healing is just as important to us as mental healing, and that spiritual healing can be accomplished by imbuing the teachings of Christ into the very fabric of a girl’s being. This is the central tenet of Christ-centered counseling.

Establishing a relationship with God

We want all of the girls in our program to reach a point where they can embrace a communion with God in all of their actions, which will promote the goodness of their behavior to other people. We teach all of our girls to address their emotional needs through the viewpoint that they are never alone because God is with them in a way that can give them strength and direction in their actions. Our counseling sessions promote a firm relationship with God, and are built to show a girl how such a relationship with the Lord can promote a sense of self and confidence that they might not be able to achieve, otherwise.

Teaching humility

Humility is a human value that is too often forgotten in today’s media-obsessed world. However, Christ-centered counseling promotes humility by the very nature of what it is. A relationship with God is inherently about humility, because one must address that we are all nothing in comparison to the awesome power that is God! In finding this humility, one can begin to break down a self-centered personality and find ways to serve others in the name of God, which promotes goodness. By embracing humility, girls in our program can find other positive traits about themselves.

Building a personal conscience

For teenage girls in today’s world, finding a righteous path can feel complicated and overbearing. However, a focus on a relationship with Christ gives a roadmap on how to live life with the values of goodness. In using Christ as a personal foundation for a girl’s behavior, one is able to build a strong personal conscience that gives them the conviction to act on their beliefs.