Career Counseling

Your teens future career is an important part of their life, and planning for these careers is a healthy aspect of healing. This isn’t an aspect of therapy we use on every client, we use it when we feel like it would be beneficial to the client and their individual needs.

Why career counseling?

There are a few different reasons that we feel career counseling is important enough to become a part of our evidence based therapy plans. One such reason, is that it is helpful for your teen to plan for the future. Seeing that there is a future past what they are currently experiencing is an invaluable tool. Planning a career shows them that life moves on, with them, and that they have limitless options to choose from. Having future plans can be a huge motivator and a big step to a troubled teen who is struggling to find a purpose with their life as it currently stands.

Another reason that we have found career counseling to be beneficial, is that a lot of teens feel lost, and have a hard time putting their life in any specific direction. A directionless teen is often not a very productive or motivated teen. Through career counseling, we can help them explore options and discover potential that they didn’t know they had.

We only address career counseling when it is age appropriate for the client. We use career placement tests such as the Self Directed Search, and the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, in addition to both individual and group therapy to help your teen explore career choices.