Encouraging Troubled Girls to Think of Others When They Make Choices

Encouraging Troubled Girls to Think of Others When They Make ChoicesTTS is a faith-based residential treatment center for troubled girls struggling with behavioral issues. Through a Christian approach of prayer and worship, our girls can learn to make the right choices. We provide faith-based training, experiential therapies, and education for troubled teens. Our students are immersed in a home environment with the care and concern of loving, highly-trained staff who live on campus to provide full nurturing benefits. A large part of healing includes family counseling, giving parents hope in family restoration, while keeping them well informed of their daughter’s progress. For more information, please call .

As a parent of a teenage girl, one of the most difficult moments is when she betrays a trust, lies, cheats, steals or violates a cherished family value. In addition to the frustration of being ignored, parents may have feelings of anger and betrayal. Sometimes there can be a strong sense of grief, loss or depression as parents realize significant disappointment. Parents often feel like they have failed and can quickly give up hope that their teen will become a person of integrity. Why don’t troubled girls think of others when they make choices?

It is important that parents become aware of their feelings so that they can process the situation properly when dealing with a teenager who has disappointed them. We know that teens are very good at covering violations of trust. If parents are reacting to a specific bad choice, they may miss opportunities to see what’s actually going on with their teenagers.

When Parents Use Good Communication Skills, Teenagers Move To a New Level of Responsibility

Parents need to encourage troubled girls to think of others when they make choices by keeping the door open through internal dialogue to re-establish trust and to let their daughter know what they expect of her. They need to be mindful that teenagers will have errors in judgment that she does not see as affecting her parents. In fact, parents should come to expect incidences like making choices without others in mind. It is a normal expectation that teenagers will make mistakes, use poor judgment and may distance their parents, which is part of their growth process.

When parents use good communication skills, they are clear about acceptable and unacceptable behavior and give them the chance to accept responsibility for their behavior to set the stage for learning and growth. If parents will be clear in their roles as caretakers, teenage girls may move to a new level of responsibility, respect, and growth in thinking of others when they make choices.

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