Drinking and Risky Sexual Behavior Among Adolescents

Drinking and risky sexual behavior among adolescents is a very common problem. The two issues, drinking and risky sexual behavior, go hand in hand for many adolescents. Many teens experiment with drinking, whether due to peer pressure, curiosity, rebellion, easy access or some other reason. For some lucky teens, this is an unacceptable behavior that nevertheless will not lead to dire results. For many other troubled adolescents, drinking will lead to serious consequences such as those entailed by risky sexual behavior. Risky sexual behavior often occurs when adolescents have been drinking, due to the fact that alcohol has a tendency to reduce inhibitions and impair judgement. TTS can help troubled girls dealing with issues related to drinking and risky sexual behavior.

drinking and risky behavior among adolescentsThe Unfortunate Realities of Adolescent Drinking and Risky Sexual Behavior

Many parents know that adolescent drinking is an unfortunate rite of passage for some teens. We can hope that our teens will abstain, but for many troubled girls that will not be the case. Drinking and risky sexual behavior among adolescents is a behavior that can go unnoticed by parents. That is why we must first try to encourage the development of positive values in our adolescent children. But that is not enough, because we must also then  maintain open and communicative relationships with our teens in order to know what is going on in their lives.

A Faith Based Approach to Treating Drinking and Risky Sexual Behavior Among Adolescents

TTS is a Christian-based residential treatment facility that can help troubled girls put the pieces of their life back together if they have been engaging in risky sexual behavior due to adolescent drinking. We instruct our troubled girls in traditional faith-based values that will help them to make responsible choices that preserve their own dignity and self-respect.

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