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Trinity Teen Solutions is a Christian based, state-licensed residential treatment center that offers healing and therapeutic services to troubled girls between the ages of 12-18. Unlike many residential treatment centers, TTS provides a home-like environment for troubled girls who have lost sight of their potentially limitless future that has been made possible by Him.

Is Your Daughter in Trouble or at Risk?

Problem-teen-girl-dischargeDo you look at your daughter and wonder who she is? A once vibrant and happy girl, she has somehow become angry, moody and possibly even self-destructive.
You realize this is not just a stage she is going through. When the tears, fights, threats, sleepless nights, counseling and medication don’t seem to work, don’t give up hope. The programs for troubled teens offered at Trinity are different than other Christian boarding schools for young women. With the help of her Creator and the trained, caring, live-in staff at our scenic ranch in Wyoming, she can redirect the path she’s currently on and avoid tragedy.

How Is Trinity Teen Solutions Different From Other Christian Residential Treatment Centers for Troubled Girls?

Trinity Teen Solutions, Inc. (TTS) is an at-risk, all girl, Christian Residential Treatment Center and therapeutic residential treatment facility offering programs for troubled teens. What does that mean in plain English? Your daughter will participate in family systems therapy, animal therapy and equine-assisted psychotherapy while living on a breathtaking, large ranch at the base of the Beartooth Mountain Range in Wyoming.

By placing emphasis on Christian moral principles, your daughter will be challenged to develop a new perspective on life. Healing begins when she recognizes that life is sacred, and she can help to make it so by discovering her God-given talents in His wonderful creation.

Unlike other Christian Residential Treatment Centers, at TTS, your daughter will experience a family atmosphere complete with active participation in experiential education, academics, chores and caring for animals, all while residing in cozy country cabins with live-in staff. By placing the focus on God and how He can impact every area of your daughter’s life, an amazing transformation takes place.

Trinity Teen Solutions accepts insurance. Call for details.

Is your daughter struggling?

Call us today at 307-202-8400. We’ll gladly provide you with more information on programs for troubled teens ages 12-17 that face challenges in these areas:

Beyond parent control
Rebellious, angry, defiant
Emotionally troubled
Suspended or Expelled
Choosing the wrong friends
Impulsive or hyperactive

Narcissistic Behavior
Issues of Abandonment
Alcohol/Drug/Cigarette use
Adoption issues
Sexual Promiscuity
Academic under-achievement

Low self esteem
Divorce Reaction
Grief or Loss
Peer/Sibling Conflict
Having trouble coping with past
Anger Management