Troubled girls dealing with depression issues may need serious help. Depression can act like an insidious invader, worming its way into all aspects of a troubled girl’s life. Depression may contribute to many other mental and physical problems and can make it difficult to attain an acceptable quality of life. Parents often underestimate the seriousness of depression as an influence of the lives of their children. Sometimes this is because parents have struggled with depression of their own, and may have ‘gotten used to it’. TTS believes that troubled teens should not have to ‘depressionget used’ to how they feel.

Depression is a Serious Issue That Must be Treated Seriously in Troubled Girls

For a troubled girl dealing with depression, simply going through the motions of life can be difficult. Some teens may feel that they are weighed down, as if wearing a hundred pound coat, fulfilling even the simplest of daily expectations. Mental health issues contribute to physical wellness much more directly and much more significantly than many parents may realize. A depressed girl may exhibit seemingly unrelated physical symptoms such as tiredness, obesity, anxiousness, or may act out very serious and risky behaviors as a way to fight off her depression.

TTS Can Offer Help to Troubled Teens Dealing With Depression

TTS has a wealth of experience helping troubled teen girls overcome depression and related issues. Our all-girl residential treatment facility is a Christian boarding school that can offer effective therapeutic treatment to girls dealing with a range of teen issues. The TTS campus is located on a 4,000 acre ranch nestled below the majestic Beartooth Mountain Range in Wyoming. In this idyllic natural setting, an atmosphere of healing is fostered through the acceptance that all of our troubled girls are on the road to recovery together.

If you are a parent of a troubled girl dealing with depression, and would like to find out how TTS can offer help, please call .