Delusions of Perfection: My Daughter is an Angel But Her Friends Are Trouble


Delusions of Perfection: My Daughter is an Angel But Her Friends Are Trouble

I remember the Johnsons and their daughter who had a steady boyfriend at the age of 14 and would go to local parties with high schoolers. They were the type of parents that not only seemed oblivious to their daughter’s activities and relationships, but touted her purity and innocence. It was a small town so most people new different and laughed behind their backs. The duplicity was so obvious, a person would almost wonder if they really knew, but they were pretending it wasn’t real. Why is it that the parents of girls who are getting into trouble seem to think their daughter is an angel but all of her friends are trouble?

If you are concerned about who your daughter may have for friends and about her well-being, call us today at 307-202-8400. Trinity Teen Solutions is a Christian based residential treatment center for troubled girls and can provide your family with the help they need.

Take A Good Look

When Bobbi was in high school she came home one day complaining that some boys had started rumors about her. She was mad that so many people believed them. Her mother, who was wise to her behavior asked a question about her sister who had the reputation of being a “goody two-shoes”. She said, “Bobbi, what if people started that rumor about your sister Amy?” Bobbi laughed and told her mother that no one would believe that. Her mother in her wisdom replied, “Then live your life in such a way that no one will believe those rumors about you. Your actions are close enough to the rumors that people believe them.” You may be limited on controlling your daughter’s behavior, but you should not be blind to it. Rumors are like apples—they don’t fall too far from the tree. Pay attention and if your instincts are telling you something may be wrong, seek the advice of a professional at 307-202-8400.