Children and Mental Disorders

Child Mental Disorders

Mental disorders can range from anxiety issues to eating disorders to other illnesses such as ADD. Children suffering from mental disorders can find that they have a hard time adjusting to daily life and/or coping with their mental illness. Trinity Teen Solutions offers support and help for adolescents suffering from mental disorders. Trinity Teen Solutions is a residential based treatment facility in which your troubled teen can receive the help they need to have a bright future. For more information on treatment options and how Trinity Teen Solutions can help your child and your family call 307-202-8400.

Detecting mental illness in children is difficult considering children and adolescents brains are still developing and they are still learning behaviors that will become normative, however, once a mental disorder is detected there are many problems that can arise in a child’s life as a result of this illness. Some adolescents can have difficulty coping with daily life and changes to a routine as a result of their mental disorder. With medication and psychotherapy mental disorders are able to be controlled. Yet, there are still other issues that will arise. They will need to learn skills and techniques to help them with their disorder for the rest of their lives. Below you can read about a few of the many, many different mental disorders that affect children:

  • Anxiety: children may react to situations with fear, therefore, be unable to complete tasks and handle situations to the best of their ability
  • Disruptive Behavior: children tend to be defiant and avoidant of following rules and guidelines which can threaten their ability to succeed in academic situations as well as social and family life
  • Eating Disorders: adolescents experience intense emotions and cope with their feelings in unusual behaviors that are self-destructive
  • Affective Mood Changes: some young adults feel intense, rapid changing emotions that can range from euphoria to depression and fear
  • Pervasive Development: children with this particular mental disorder are often confused and have trouble understanding the world which results in decreased performance in different areas of life

Trinity Teen Solutions Can Help

Children who are affected by mental disorders need support, loving care and understanding now more than ever before. At Trinity Teen Solutions your child will be able to receive all that they need in order to cope with their mental disorder and have a promising future. Located on a sprawling ranch at the base of a mountain range in Wyoming your troubled adolescent will receive help from the caring live-in staff. Family systems therapy, experiential education, animal therapy and equine-assisted psychotherapy are just a few of the different roads to recovery Trinity Teen Solutions offers. This in-patient residential treatment facility places an emphasis on Christian moral principles which will allow Trinity Teen Solutions to help your troubled teen discover a new outlook on life and take on each day with a positive, ambitious attitude.

We are confident that Trinity Teen Solutions can provide a caring, helpful environment for your adolescent to receive the help they need. Trinity Teen Solutions creates a stimulating environment where your child will not feel alone; through therapy, support, and understanding children with mental disorders will have a real chance to learn everything they can in order to cope with their disorder and make the most out of life. For more information please contact Trinity Teen Solutions at 307-202-8400.