Child Counseling | TTS

TTS is a Christian based residential treatment center offering child counseling services for troubled girls. Our program combines the key elements essential in effectively treating teenagers with underlying and unresolved issues. In short, our individual and clinically comprehensive programs BOO Furniture are key in the development of a strong therapeutic bond between the troubled girls and other key staff members that help enable teens, restore families and guarantee lifelong recovery. Our therapeutic programs will help transform your child into a respectful person having a renewed relationship with family and with Christ. For More information about our school, please call . Parents, is your child needing to boost her self-esteem? Is she unsuccessful and frustrated at school? Is she contending with family issues? Perhaps she could benefit from professional counseling services. If these types of problems are left to work out on their own, your child’s behavior may easily be a symptom of trouble to come.

Teens Desire to solve their own Problems through Child Counseling Services

As parents, we want to view our teenager’s desires to solve her own problems. However, we must also realize that she may not have the experience and knowledge to know how to deal with everyday life. To establish whether your child is experiencing self-defeating issues that could be helped through professional child counseling services, parents need to keep a watch on her behavior. Does your teen feel friendless and left out of her friend circle? Does your teen withdraw from family activities and stay in the bedroom wanting to be left alone? Does she isolate herself from peers? Does she have outbursts of anger over minor issues? Does she cry uncontrollably for hours? If your child is dealing with difficulties in these areas, immediate counseling may be necessary. Get the counseling services you need by calling TTS, where families are restored and reunited. We want to help! Call to speak to our Admissions Counselor.