Catholic Behavioral Treatment

If you’re raising a family in a Catholic household, there are likely certain morals and virtues you try to instill in your children from a young age. As your daughter reaches her teens, they may be dealing with emotional and mental issues and disorders that you’re not able to cope with in your household.

You may be looking for answers to the emotional outbursts and lack of motivation in your daughter. Her behavior may be putting her at risk in the home, in school, in church, and in all other aspects of her life. If you feel hopeless in your current situation, it may be time to seek aid from another source.

Trinity Teen Solutions

Our program is unique in a multitude of ways. We pride ourselves in creating a healing environment in our home-style atmosphere. Our Wyoming center is surrounded by the solitude of nature, making it the ideal location for your daughter to recover emotionally, as well as spiritually from what is ailing her.

With a small staff to student ratio, your daughter will receive the attention and monitoring that she needs throughout her stay. Our small patient numbers make it possible to address all of the underlying issues that may be attributed to your teen’s poor behavior. We realize that each girl will think, learn, and react to therapy differently; for that reason, her treatment may differ from her peers to tackle her individual issues.

Our Christian-Based Program

Our residential treatment facility utilizes faith-based treatment. We believe that God is an inherent part of healing. Throughout the program, your daughter will learn through the light and love of her Savior. Building up her self-esteem and confidence is key to her accepting a better path to a happy and healthy life. We understand that healing doesn’t solely take place in the mind, but the body and soul as well. For this reason, our therapy involves daily work to progress to meaningful life goals.

As she grows a foundation of learning and spiritual wellbeing, she’ll learn Christian values and virtues that will develop her character. She will learn compassion and tolerance from her mentors. From her peers, she’ll recognize patience and forgiveness. Ultimately, she’ll leave a more honest and responsible version of herself.

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