As parents, we wish to pass on this faith to our children. After all, our years on this great earth has likely shaken and restored our faith several times over. We know why faith is such a vital component of our daily lives and our routines. We see faith represented in our homes, within our communities, and throughout the world. All we can hope for is to pass on those teachings and important beliefs to our teenage daughters at such an important stage of their life. 

But as parents, our jobs are complex. In our day-to-day, it can feel overwhelming to try and show the importance of faith to less than enthusiastic teens. What we know is that faith in the life of your daughter is an important part of her young adult life. During this time of emotional and physical growth, not having faith can have unpleasant outcomes. So, how do we teach our children that Catholicism is still a comprehensive way of life? How do we show them that with strengthened personal faith, our daughters can face the darkest parts of their lives and internal battles with resilience?

Be the Pillar and the Mirror

We, as parents, are a direct reflection of the good that our faith can bring into our households. As the pillars of our home, we create a direct impact on how our children a few their church, their God, and their faith. If you’re living with an unruly young woman, it can feel like your role as a parent has been taken away; that your ability to lead as been broken. It’s in these moments that we lack faith in ourselves, and possibly in the Lord’s vision for our future, that we are failing to do our duty as parents. As much as it may not seem it, we have greater authority over our children than we might believe. Much like a mirror, our children are taking direct signals from our words and actions. If your daughter has shown an aversion to the beliefs and traditions held in your home, don’t give up. Remember the impact you have on their future.

Engage in Your Faith

Keeping a young teen engaged in the church can be a challenge. After all, as your teen is growing into their own, it’s natural to challenge the ideas and practices that were part of their lives since before a time they could remember. It’s common for teen girls to fight back against what they’re told she should do, but that shouldn’t stop you from insisting on engagement in their faith. Just as a child in school would never be allowed to quit a subject they found boring or questionable, you should hold tight to the fact that their faith-based learnings are as important as the many subjects they’ll learn in their lifetime. As a parent, it’s your job to reflect on how faith is being taught in your home, and if your teenager is absorbing those teachings. If you feel they’re not, it’s time to have a talk with them about how you both can improve and build your faith together as a family.