Boys Will Be Boys But Girls Will Be Judged


It’s gotten to the point in our society where it’s not just a girl’s self-confidence that’s wrapped up in what boys think of her, but about whether or not she conforms to all of the different things a young lady is supposed to conform to.

Don’t get us wrong, we believe in traditional values, but we think there’s room for both sides to improve if there is going to be gender equality.

Every year, the media presents a more and more risque and provocative portrayal of young girls in television shows, advertising music videos and even the news. What was once considered scandalous behavior has become the norm. However, most of this coverage still presents the examples shown as being shameful. But where are young girls supposed to get their cues from if there are no positive examples of role models in the media to relate to?

Boys on the other hand, continue to get a free pass for behaving in sometimes totally disgraceful ways. The argument that ‘boys will be boys’ is often passed around. But something that we find troubling to think about is, maybe people feel that ‘boys will be boys’ is acceptable because we can shame girls into feeling like they deserve our criticism, our judgment and sometimes, our outright scorn.

How are young ladies supposed to know how to feel? They’re told to look and behave just like THIS. But then almost immediately, they’re also told that looking and behaving like THIS makes you a total $%$&. I understand the confusion that young girls feel.

The Images of Young Women That Girls Do See Does Not Reflect What They See in Themselves

We celebrate train wrecks. Whether it’s Miley, or Lindsay or Amanda or one of the other names I can barely keep up with who’s melting down on twitter or checking into rehab or just got another DUI, why do we bother to give these people news coverage?

They had their chance, they were cute as kids, but now they’re just causing damage to young girls.

On the other hand, there is almost no similar coverage of men as dangerous role models, at least not specifically. Men enjoy a widespread array of role models from athletes (yes there are bad ones, we know) to other media figures who represent great values.

I know that some will say that we should just ignore the mainstream media, but really, with the internet and magazines and phones and television and everything else, is that realistic advice anymore?

Parents can do their best to instill good values in their daughters, but rest assured, society is trying to undo your hard work.

If you know a girl who has succumb to societal pressures to act out in irresponsible and dangerous ways, call TTS at to learn what help may be available.