Blue Cross Blue Shield-Insured Catholic Girls Home

Sending your troubled teen away from your home for treatment can be difficult on your entire family. However, sometimes, being away from home is the right answer. Understanding that you need to place your child in the care of a team can be difficult to accept. With time, you can see why separating her from the world that she is currently in can make a world of difference in her life. But how do choose what care is right for her?  

What Does a Girls Home Provide?

At home, you may feel like you’re able to keep an eye on your daughter’s behavior, but as much as we might try, it’s unreasonable to assume we can watch our teens 24 hours a day. Getting her into the right program means finding a space that provides 24-hour supervision, a variety of therapy programs, and the support of an entire team. All this and more can be found at Trinity Teen Solutions Catholic girl’s home. Instead of choosing a treatment center that is cold and clinical, by choosing us, we’re allowing her a home-like environment to begin her therapy and healing process. 

Unlike other traditional hospitals or facilities, Trinity Teen Solutions’ being in a home means your child isn’t left to fade into the background. Our small groups allow for every teen to receive the attention and care that they deserve. From evaluating mental health to finding the right therapy options for your daughter, our staff is always there to make sure your teen feels safe, comfortable, and in a position to heal. A girl’s home can give her space from her normal life, space that she may need to transition from who she is now to who she can be. Choose a girl’s home if your daughter is suffering from:

  • Substance Abuse
  • Depression
  • Anger Issues
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Self-Harm

Catholic Girls Home

Trinity Teen Solutions uses a Catholic, faith-based teaching philosophy. By keeping Christ at the center of all that we do, our program aims to heal not only the body of your child but her mind and soul too. Many parents have a difficult time placing their child in a program that doesn’t adhere to their at-home faith. Here, we believe that healing comes not only from the grace of God but a greater understanding of his teachings. We reinforce the beauty of living in His image and find self-worth from His love.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Insured

Treatment programs differ greatly. Good enough is never the right answer. We always suggest that parents look for programs within their health care provider’s network and out of it. Although Trinity Teen Solutions might be considered an Out-of-Network program with your Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance, we will still work with you and your teen. Being outside of any network allows us the opportunity to provide treatment care, therapy, and programs that help your teen regain stability in a variety of ways. We’re not like other rehab facilities. We don’t just take care of the damage that is surface level, we get to the root of the problem.

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Trinity Teen Solutions is here for you. If your teenage daughter is spiraling or out of control, we can help her find her way once more. Searching for a Blue Cross Blue Shield-Insured Catholic girls home can feel difficult, but we’re here to provide you with a program you can trust. Need to know more about our girl’s home and philosophy? Need further information on how your insurance will work with us? Don’t hesitate to call. We’re happy to answer any questions you have.