Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance and Mental Health Treatment

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Are you currently seeking behavioral treatment for your teen daughter, but are unsure of what steps to take? Maybe you’ve contacted your Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance provider and are overwhelmed by the lengthy list of treatment facilities within their network. Depending on your current plan, you may have limited options with what facilities and providers you have access to. They might not cater to your daughter’s ailments or align with your values. Your current plan, however, may allow you to work with out-of-network facilities, such as ourselves. If you’re uncertain of what your plan covers, speak with your provider about your specific coverage details. 

Can Trinity Teen Solutions Help You?

If you’ve been informed that your plan’s coverage is flexible, you may be able to seek help from our Out of Network facility. Beginning your daughter’s journey to health and happiness is as simple as submitting your insurance information to our billing department for verification of your insurance benefits. After we’ve received the necessary information, we will begin verifying immediately. We understand that you may be on a tight time frame to get help for your daughter, that’s why we’ll work quickly to get our office in direct contact with your insurance provider. Once we receive detailed information about your plan’s mental health and chemical dependency policy, we can move forward. After we contact Blue Cross Blue Shield, one of our admissions counselors will get back to you with any new information about benefits, usually within the same business day of verification. From there, we can better assist you in information about your out-of-pocket expenses. 

The Information We’ll Need From You

Because Trinity Teen Solutions isn’t an In-Network Provider, there is specific information we’ll need from you and your Blue Cross Blue Shield provider, such as:

  • What of your Individual Out of Network Deductible has been applied to this date?
  • What is your Individual Out-of-Pocket Maximum and how much has been applied to this date?
  • Do you receive annual or lifetime benefits?
  • What is your co-insurance percentage after your deductible has been met?
  • What coverages are available to you?
  • Does your provider require a waiting period for preexisting conditions?

What “Out of Network” Means for Treatment

Trinity Teen Solutions provides specialized care for troubled teens all across the country and is considered an Out of Network Provider. Although we accept most major insurance plans—including Blue Cross Blue Shield—we are not contracted as a part of their network, as such, some out out-of-pocket expenses are a factor. You may have found us and realized that, although we are not within your insurance network, what we can provide your daughter is exactly what she needs in this difficult time.

Contact Us Today

If your daughter is in need of behavioral or mental health treatment, don’t hesitate to call us today. We can answer any questions you might have about our treatment center, faith-based healing, or insurance application process. We’re here to help you get your teen’s life back on track and help your family find a brighter future.