Bipolar Disorder in Troubled Teen Girls

Bipolar Disorder in Troubled Teen Girls

If you are one of the millions of parents in our nation today, raising troubled teen girls that struggles with Bipolar disorder, then you may feel like you are fighting a winless battle, overwhelmed with frustration with no one to turn to.  Fortunately for parents like you, there are solutions and answers to your current dilemma. Facilities such as residential treatment centers for girls are among the top choices for parents of bipolar troubled teen girls. If you are in need of immediate assistance, please call Trinity Teen Solutions Today! You can reach us at 307-202-8400 for further assistance. Bipolar Disorder in Troubled Teen Girls

Bipolar disorder is plainly defined as: dramatic or unusual mood swings between major depression and extreme excitement. Bipolar disorder usually appears in teenage girls at age 15. It is also more common in teens who come from a family who has a history of the disorder

. Although researchers are not sure what causes this mental illness, they believe that imbalances in the brain’s chemicals that regulate moods actually increase the chances of a female teenager developing this affliction.

A teenage girl that is experiencing a mood swing that is a direct result of Bipolar Disorder can experience this swing of mood from anywhere between hours to even weeks at a time. This can be a very turbulent time in the home of the troubled teen, causing disorder and adding tension between child and parent. When a teen is experiencing these mood swings, it is not uncommon for them to turn to negative activities such as self-harm, substance abuse, or sexual promiscuity.

Trinity Teen Solutions, a perfect match for troubled teen girls suffering from Bipolar Disorder

Trinity Teen Solutions has been the answer for many parents who experience the routine struggles of raising a troubled teenage girl. The young, teenage women at our Christian residential treatment center come from many different backgrounds, suffering from a wide variety of mental disorders and negative lifestyles.  We are fully equipped to handle the different aspects of Bipolar Disorder and extend a helping, healing hand out to parents seeking necessary treatment. For more information, please call us today at 307-202-8400.