Behavioral Problems in Children | TTS

Behavioral Problems in ChildrenTTS is a Christian based residential treatment center offering programs for children with behavioral problems. We provide a therapeutic setting in a Christian atmosphere that helps struggling girls begin a less destructive and more fulfilling lifestyle. We have influenced many children to turn around and become more respectful, thoughtful and successful teenagers who have purpose and a renewed outlook on life. TTS is the perfect atmosphere for girls who have been swayed into bad behavior and want to get their lives back on the right track. Our therapeutic programs will help transform your child into a respectful person having a renewed relationship with family and with Christ. Please call for more information.

Behavioral problems in children could be a behavioral disorder such as oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), conduct disorder or a pattern of negative, defiant and disobedient behavior where your child repeatedly and persistently defies rules and the rights of others without concern or empathy.

Listening to your teen and valuing her ideas is what promotes the ability of parents to effectively communicate with teenagers. But, most parents do not listen well because they are too busy — with work, community, church, and home responsibilities. Listening to a teen does not mean giving advice and attempting to correct the situation. Parents need to talk to their children about what is right and wrong and about appropriate and inappropriate behavior. There will be times when teens won’t like what you say or will act as though they don’t like you. Being your child’s friend is not your role as a parent. It’s important to resist the urge to win their favor or try too hard to please them.

How can you tell if your teen’s behavior is a problem? Could it be just normal teenage rebellion? How much distress, disruption, and heartache are your child’s problems causing? Are they affecting the family, your marriage, you, the child herself?

Definitions for Children with Behavioral Problems

Loses temper
Argues with adults
Defies requests
Refuses to follow rules or requests
Deliberately annoys other people
Blames others for their own mistakes
Touchy, easily annoyed or angered
Resentful, spiteful, or vindictive.

TTS can help your child determine underlying issues and teach her strategies for behavior change. We offer support and guidance in finding solutions and getting results. We encourage parenting groups for support, guidance, and empowerment. Call our Admissions Specialist at ; your child could soon be replacing defiant behavior with responsible behavior.