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Is a Behavioral Treatment Center Right for Your Daughter?

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There is no denying that unhealthy mental and emotional behaviors can affect not only the present life of your daughter and your family but their futures as well. Untreated depression, addiction issues, and aggression can have an unfathomable impact on their personal and social life at home, school, and in their communities. As a parent, we have the chance to help our teens to fight back against the issues plaguing them. At this stage in their life, it’s highly important that parents not only recognize that their child’s behavior is teetering on dangerous but understand that they must act quickly to right the problem. 

This time in your daughter’s life is a challenge. As they begin their transition into adulthood, your daughter might think she knows what’s best for her. She may feel in control of her relationships with friends, and family. But, as parents, we have an outside perspective and we can see when our children in a position of harm. If you know that your child is in emotional and physical harm, it is time to seek out treatment for them.

There are many different types of treatment options for your teen, and many parents decide that a behavioral treatment center is the right choice for your teenage daughter to seek treatment for negative behaviors. If you’re looking for a treatment that is dynamic and structured than typical therapy sessions or outpatient programs, find a facility that offers 24-hour comprehensive care. When your teen has no ability to help themselves, the staff and care found at a behavioral treatment can help them find a greater emotional balance; free of addiction and behaviors they can’t control. An ideal behavior treatment center will offer:

  • Comprehensive therapy programs
  • Experienced and caring staff and management
  • Mentorship programs
  • Care techniques that are proven to work
  • Care focused on the individual

Care options provided within your Beacon Health Insurance network may be enough to treat your daughter, but some families might find that the specialized care that they are looking for is beyond the means of the providers in their network. Every child is different and so too are their responsiveness to a program or center. Care providers considered  “In-Network” may be able to alleviate the symptoms, addictions or mental behaviors that your daughter is battling, but they often only work to a point. Many treatment centers are meant to “fix” issues during a restrictive timeline, with outpatient care beginning well before your child is prepared to leave. Many parents see their child slowly reverting back to their old and harmful ways. 

Why Trinity Teen Solutions?

If you’re seeking a real chance at rehabilitation, your daughter needs help to find the root of her issues. Where many programs can fix an issue on the surface, it’s rare for a program to get to the very root of the problem. Sometimes this means searching for specialized care that lies outside of your insurance network. 

Trinity Teen Solutions can provide a higher level of care. We may be considered “Out-of-Network”, but we can work with your Beacon Health Insurance is to make sure that your child receives the care she needs for as long as she needs it. Those who come to Trinity Teen Solutions will find a wide variety of care and treatments, from traditional therapy to equine therapy. With round-the-clock and intensive care, you can feel at ease that your child is receiving focused attention and help as they need it. What makes our behavioral health center stand apart from the rest?

  • Faith-Based Healing. Some families want to make sure that the treatment center they send their teen to understands the importance that faith and religion play in their daily life. At Trinity Teen Solutions, God is at the center of everything that we do and teach. We want to give young women the chance to see God’s teachings in all of our activities; to work through their hardships knowing that the Lord is with them. Not only does this help them understand that they have an important place in the world, but they have the chance to act in His image.
  • Evidence-Based Therapy. Therapy is a necessary aspect of healing. We believe that different types of therapy are important to healing every part of a young person. Between work therapy, group sessions, and one-on-one therapy sessions, your daughter will have the chance to heal themselves from the inside out. By using evidence-based therapies, we only use treatment techniques and types of therapy that are proven effective for long-term healing. 

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Trinity Teen Solutions is here to help your family find stability once again. We know how difficult it is to watch a child struggle through emotional and mental hardships. We want to help your teen find her way back to a better life. Recovery is never easy, but it is worth taking steps toward. The most challenging step is seeking help from a behavioral health center that cares about your child’s wellbeing. After that, you’re one step closer to finding peace and happiness in your home again. If you’re in need of Trinity Teen Solution’s services, don’t hesitate to call us today.