Walk a Mile in My Shoes

A girl walks down the path

As a staff member at Trinity, there are many different stories and backgrounds coming from the girls who attend Trinity. As a team, we focus on healing and helping the clients who have varied history, including trauma. By working together to help the girls be healthy, staff will put themselves in the shoes of the client to fully understand their pain on many different levels. The skill and talent it takes to continuously walk in the shoes of those in pain on a daily basis is emotionally, and physically incredible.

Showing empathy is only one of the strengths a staff member at Trinity uses to help the girls grow and heal. Being able to understand and appreciate the clients, without asking for them to understand and appreciate staff in return, is a crucial skill at Trinity Teen Solutions. For girls that are hurting, it is easy to forget how to appreciate all that you are given. Staff members understands this, and know that asking for appreciation is distracting from their healing. In fact, most Trinity girls do not appreciate the staff here until after the girl leaves our program. It is beautiful and rewarding when girls call staff and tell them how much they miss and learned from staff and their unconditional love.

Staff are careful not to share with the clients their personal life and personal struggles for the sake of the individual girl’s treatment. For a girl at Trinity, it can be difficult to focus on her personal healing when all she wants to do is help others and fulfill her need of giving. It is important to recognize that before helping others, you first have to help yourself. As difficult as it can be to take on the struggles of others, as a team, Trinity works together to support and help each other do just that. It is only by the grace of God that a staff member is given the strength to walk in the shoes of many others, without asking anything in return from them.