What Do Trinity Staff Have in Common?

A girl confesses her feelings to therapist

What do all Trinity staff, past and present have in common? They say it takes a special type of person to be a life coach. On a base level, there are certain requirements that are in place.  Trinity call their staff to hold boundaries, follow rules, and stick to protocols. They are asked to be available at moment’s notice to change their plans for the day, in order to save people’s lives and talk clients down from self-harm. They are asked to pick up from where they are living and give 100% of their lives to teenagers who, at times, make life incredibly difficult for them. This is what is asked of Trinity Teen Solutions staff, and what is given to Trinity by these staff is 100 times more than what is asked for.

The life coaches at Trinity are incredible, stubborn, humble, loving, and self-sacrificing people.  These folks have the amazing ability to see hurt and wounded clients, and not judge them for the decisions they have made, or the trauma they have been through. They look at these girls and see beauty and potential, and hold them to standards that call them to be the person they were created to be. The stubbornness of all the life coaches allows them to not be defeated by a difficult client or situation. Staff have the ability to not just hold boundaries with the clients but to get to know them and figure out the games they play, and thus call them out on it.

Our staff members have the biggest hearts of anybody I have known. They will listen to clients cursing them out, saying every mean thing under the sun to them, and respond with a calm answer of “okay.” Our staff is also human. They don’t ignore the pain that the girls are feeling, but see it and, at times, feel it, and use that to push the girls to their full potential. All Trinity staff, past and present, go through times roughly every few months when they wonder why God is punishing them, and have a desire to run away and never see Trinity again. These moments are true tests of character. Our staff has pushed through these moments and come back stronger than ever, knowing that in another few months they may feel the same way again, but they will face that when it comes.

So when it comes down to it, what are the commonalities of Trinity staff? They are all incredible people, who have chosen to put their lives aside to help these beautiful girls, who have been through so much and need someone to love them, through their time at Trinity.  One of the most beautiful things about the staff at Trinity Teen Solutions is that, as much as they are the life coaches, they are also learning and growing, themselves. They each learn something different from the clients and, when they leave Trinity, they have a little piece of their heart that they have given to each client. In return, they receive a lesson learned that is more valuable than anything you can learn in school.