The First Shall Be Last

A girl stands alone in a church

As liturgy ended, she rushed to pack her bag, heading for the door and opening it before anyone else could. “May I go?” she would ask in a hurried tone that sounded as if she were in dire need to run to the cabin next door before the one she was in exploded.

“You may let someone else have a turn,” she heard in reply, to her dismay. She lowered her head and pouted. Her world was crushed. “What if I’m last? I’ll never be able to sleep tonight!” She knew this was irrational, because waiting to go over only lasted a few minutes. The following week she was put on a difficult challenge to be last for everything. She was asked to let her anxiety of being first literally be put behind her.

The first few days were difficult. The struggle of being humble and waiting for others to go first was very real to her. As a few more days passed, the habit of bulldozing others had withered away. She no longer was asked to give others a chance to go first, yet, she consistently humbled herself by doing so and showed an immense amount of lessened anxiety by letting herself be comfortable going in the middle. A little humility can go a long way in growing as a person and increasing tranquility in daily life.