Open Letter to Parents of Troubled Teens

A teen is sad on a wall.

An open letter to parents seeking help with/for a troubled teen

Dear parent,

Please take a moment and read this. It will be short and to the point. If you have a daughter who struggles with life, such as fitting in, being rebellious, and having compromised emotional stability, then read this.

I am a therapist at a facility called Trinity (aka Trinity Teen Solutions). We provide inpatient treatment for adolescent girls. Girls who struggle with: self-harm, low or no self- esteem, being promiscuous, using drugs and/or alcohol, the list goes on.

If you have recognized all, or any of the above, you may be looking for a solution. We might be that solution. Here’s why: Trinity is a small privately run treatment program for girls. We are located in what others might describe as “the middle of nowhere.” Our program headquarters is a small, working ranch in Wyoming, about an hour’s drive from Yellowstone Park. We are a no nonsense program focused on change. We work with girls who typically neither want nor value what we offer. When they first arrive most girls wonder, “where am I.”

Trinity is licensed by the state of Wyoming. We are focused on facilitating change, and helping people find their change. We are also a place with no TV, cell phones, or internet. All this electronic gear can be a genuine source of distraction and problems for young people. By the way, we do not allow makeup, jewelry, fancy or revealing clothes, etc. Girls are issued and wear: blue jeans, work shirts, hiking boots, etc. In cold weather they have the very latest in “Carhart” fashion.

Trinity is tightly structured, and girls have little idle time. They perform ranch chores, meal preparation, and clean up, daily. We require that girls tend to personal hygiene and grooming, daily. They even have to make their own beds, prepare their own meals, and attend our online school. We are not a resort. In today’s language, we’re rustic.

Our structure includes therapy, group and individual, provided by two licensed and experienced mental health professionals. The groups we offer are: MRT (Moral Reconation Therapy) and DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.) Girls also have other groups, one being: “Holy Cow Girl,” a peer review and self-evaluation experience. All these programs are designed to encourage self-examination and peer feedback.

If you think our program can help you and your child, please contact us at 307-202-8400. We are happy to visit with you and answer questions.

Hope to hear from you;

The staff and owners of Trinity Teen Solutions