Life Skills Bring Confidence

A girl feels confident at school.

One of my favorite quotes by a patient here at Trinity Teen Solutions is as follows, “I have never worked hard a day in my life, and I feel like I really missed out. I like hard work. It makes me feel good and like I can accomplish something! I never knew I was so dependable!”

This is a favorite quote because it is both sad and true. This young lady thought her life was pointless because she felt she did not bring anything good to the world. She felt like everyone around her had so many talents and skills, and truly thought that she had none.

The importance of life skills

Basic life skills, such as learning how to fix a tire, writing a resume, following a compass, doing the laundry, and learning about leadership all help develop the tools necessary for young girls to grow into well rounded ladies. Every Saturday, the field staff team at Trinity Teen Solutions teach these life skills. All of the skills taught by the Trinity team are skills that our staff learn and practice in their own daily lives.

Teaching life skills at Trinity Teen Solutions

Having a well-rounded team, all with different skills and talents to teach each other, is a key part of what we do at Trinity Teen Solutions. Our staff bring necessary tools to teach the young ladies at Trinity about basic life skills that are often forgotten in this modern time. They feel the difference it makes when you know what you are doing and the strength it takes to be not afraid to work hard for it. The results of our life skills groups bring confidence and a true sense of self-worth to growing women who are actively searching for a sense of who they are and where they belong.