Anxiety in Adolescents

Anxiety in adolescents can have a hugely detrimental impact on life. The world is uncertain even to the most steadfast adults, but on the wobbly legs of a troubled teen, still struggling to find her footing in the world, it can be very difficult indeed to escape the seemingly magnetic pull of anxiety. To feel serious anxiety can seem to unmake the world before your eyes. Anxiety attacks can come on with seemingly little warning. Adolescents suffering from anxiety attacks often report that they feel as if they are dying. These are feelings no girl should have to encounter. Trinity Teen Solutions is a Christian boarding school with experience treating anxiety in adolescents.

anxiety in adolescents

Causes of Anxiety in Adolescents

The causes of anxiety in adolescents can vary from teen to teen. Some anxiety is rooted in social insecurity, while other adolescents suffer from anxiety brought on as symptoms of other underlying mental health issues. Anxiety is also a normal and common response to the frenetic challenges that are put forth constantly by the increasingly stressful modern world.

Troubled girls dealing with adolescent anxiety who come to Trinity Teen Solutions will find that their anxiety dissipates in our idyllic mountain setting. Our 4,000 acre ranch is a haven for troubled girls to come and heal in an atmosphere of openness and frank exchange, unfettered by the anxiety-causing agents of the outside world. Our live-in staff puts an emphasis on therapy, academics, caring for animals and God-centric introspection.

Anxiety in Adolescents can be Helped with Spiritual Guidance

Troubled girls with anxiety issues are often dealing with a paucity of faith in their lives. Our instruction, guidance, and therapy will help them find their spiritual footing, to allow troubled girls to walk strong in the light toward the path that their Creator set them on.

To learn more about how Trinity Teen Solutions can offer effective treatment for anxiety in adolescents, call 307-202-8400.