Alcoholism in Teens

Alcoholism in Teens

Alcoholism is Dangerous in Teengers

We have all heard about teens experimenting with alcohol at parties and trying it with their friends, but alcoholism in teens is a very real and dangerous addiction. Alcoholism in teens can become an addiction that your child will have to deal with for the rest of their life. Trinity Teen Solutions is a residential treatment facility in which trained professionals will be able to treat and support teens suffering from alcoholism. For more information contact Trinity Teen Solutions at 307-202-8400.

Signs of Alcoholism in Teens

  • Depression
  • Isolation
  • Blackouts –losing time/forgetting what happened during a time period
  • Denial
  • Change in appearance
  • Sleep problems
  • Problems in school

Alcoholism in teens can affect many different areas of their lives. Not only can academics and relationships with family and friends be affected, but the teen years are vitally important for growth and maturation of the body and mind. Teenage alcoholism can cause negative development in the coping skills needed for success in later life. Not only is there serious risk for psychological and emotional effects, but physical dangers as well.

Many teens are attempting to gain acceptance by their peers and this is often why most teens turn to alcohol. This need for social acceptance can lead to over drinking at parties, drinking and driving, binge drinking and many more dangerous situations. The risk of alcohol poisoning also rises. Alcoholism in teens is a very serious matter and treating teens who suffer from alcoholism is vital to insure that lifelong use and addiction as an adult are prevented.

Trinity Teen Solutions Offers Help for Teens Who Suffer From Alcoholism

Trinity Teen Solutions offers help in a Christian based residential treatment center for teens trying to recover from alcohol use. Trinity Teen Solutions offers many programs of recovery for troubled teens such as family systems therapy, experiential education, animal therapy, equine-assisted psychotherapy and more all the while residing in a therapeutic residential treatment facility located on a scenic, sprawling ranch at the base of a mountain range in Wyoming. While residing at the ranch your child will have the ability to receive support from the live-in staff. By placing emphasis on Christian moral principles, Trinity Teen Solutions will help your troubled teen discover a new outlook on life.

We are confident that Trinity Teen Solutions can provide a caring, helpful environment for your adolescent to recover from their alcohol use and learn new coping methods and techniques. Trinity Teen Solutions offers a supportive environment where your child will feel comfortable and have the chance to recover; Trinity will ensure that your child has plenty of support so that they do not feel as if they are alone in their alcohol use. For more information please contact Trinity Teen Solutions at 307-202-8400.