Aetna-Insured Catholic Girls Home

It can be difficult to think of your troubled teen away from home. In your home, you might feel like, even if you don’t have control over her actions, you can at least keep on eye on her. Knowing you need to place your child in the care of another can bring on incredible anxiety. However, with some time, you might see how a girl’s home or residential treatment center might be what’s best for her at this time in her life. 

What Does a Girls Home Provide?

Unlike in your home, where you can only keep tabs on your teen when she’s around you, a girl’s home has the ability to provide 24-hour supervision, intensive therapy treatments, and the emotional support that she needs. Often times, when you imagine a girl’s homes or residential treatment centers, you might see the image of a cold, cramped facility that only works to deprive daughter instead of finding ways to heal her. Unlike other traditional hospitals or facilities, Trinity Teen Solutions’ residential center resembles a home more than a clinic. 

By keeping the environment home-like, we’re able to help your teen evaluate their mental health and find betterment in a space in which they feel safe and comfortable. Although our staff will always be there to supervise your teen, the unique environment keeps them from feeling trapped. 

Trinity Teen Solutions uses a faith-based program to aid the girls in our care to heal not only their body but their mind and soul as well. Many families have a difficult time deciding to send their child to a facility because they’re worried the Catholic teachings they keep in their home won’t be reinforced when they’re away. Here, we believe that healing comes from the grace of God and his teachings. As a young woman, your daughter will learn how to care for herself and build up her self-worth, in His image.

Why a Girls Home Over Her Own Home?

At home, your daughter may be growing more comfortable with her afflictions. If your teen is struggling, sometimes being at home can only work to worsen her ailments rather than help her heal from them. By giving her the chance to heal in a new place, away from home, she has the chance to heal in her own time. When is a girl’s home right for your teen?

  • When she has a substance abuse problem
  • When she is experiencing poor mental health
  • When she is self-harming
  • When she is experiencing symptoms of major depression or anxiety

Seeking treatment at home can be the right choice, but it comes with incredible risks. A girl’s home can give her space from her normal life, space that she may need to transition from who she is now to who she can be. 

Aetna Insurance

The right treatment program can be difficult to find, but you should never let your insurance network dictate the care that your daughter is able to receive. Although Trinity Teen Solutions is considered Out-of-Network for Aetna Insurance, not being within your network gives us the opportunity to provide unique care for your teen, with the right tools to create long-term recovery. Here, she has the opportunity to get to the root of her problems and not receive strictly surface level care. We’ll work with you and the Aetna Insurance health care provider to make sure your daughter has the care she deserves if other facilities in your network aren’t a good fit.

We’re Here for Her

The team at Trinity Teen Solutions is here for you and your daughter. We’ll help her and your family find a better path to safety, connection, and happiness. When you’re looking for an Aetna-Insured Catholic girl home, there is no greater place for your teen to heal than with us. If your daughter is struggling, don’t hesitate to call us today.