ADD or ADHD Issues

Many young adults in our society today are plagued by mental disorders, one of the most common disorders that adolescents suffer from ADD or ADHD issues. Short for attention deficit disorder, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, affects the lives of many troubled teens. Yet parents need not to worry, you are not alone in your struggle to help your child. TTS will be able to help your teen and help your family as well. Please call today to find out more information on how TTS can help you. You can contact us at .

Signs of ADD or ADHD Issues in Adolescents

ADD and ADHD are often diagnosed in children and young adults. These mental disorders can show up in different ways in different people. However, the signs of ADD and ADHD are often the same. ADD or ADHD Issues

–       Forgetful

–       Easily distracted

–       Impatient

–       Restless

–       Difficulty organizing

–       Loss of interest

–       Difficulty staying focused

–       Carelessness

–       Fidgets

–       Interrupts or intrudes often

–       Excessively talks

–       Difficulty staying quiet and sitting still

While most of these symptoms are usually seen in adolescents, excessive and repetitive noticeably of these symptoms can lead to ADD or ADHD. Troubled teens often have a hard time controlling their behavior and their emotions are greatly affected. Day-to-day lives and tasks and prove to be hard, stressful and agitating and your child can suffer from this. In order to treat ADD or ADHD your child will need a specialized treatment method.

TTS Will Aide Your Troubled Teen with ADD or ADHD Issues

TTS has the ability to talk to your child and help them with their ADD or ADHD issues. Through animal therapy, experiential education, family systems therapy and other methods, TTS will be able to help your child gain the tools and skills in order to help them live successful lives and succeed in school. Located in Wyoming at the base of a mountain range, troubled teens are able to reside in an in-patient residential recovery facility on a 4,000-acre ranch. Through therapy, support, understanding and the caring help from the live-in staff, TTS will help your child learn more about their ADD or ADHD issues.

We are confident that TTS will be a program in which your child and your family will benefit from and learn about ADD and ADHD Issues. We pride ourselves in having great ADD and ADHD Treatment. They will be provided a caring, helpful environment for your adolescent to learn and grow. By utilizing Christian based principles, TTS will help your child find a new, revitalized outlook on life. Call today, you are not alone in your struggle, .