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Academic Improvement TeensTTS is a Christian-based residential treatment center offering programs for academic improvement for troubled teens.  As we teach moral principles, we are passionate about producing long-term results in girls who are experiencing an array of behavioral issues.  We believe that all children are capable of becoming responsible adults.  At TTS, education is a key component and we help students improve their academic status through our excellent educational programs. Our therapeutic services include on-site family counseling and therapy, giving parents hope while keeping them well informed of their daughter’s progress.  If your child needs the help of these unique services, please call .

Education is important to every parent, and we want our children to succeed in school. Unfortunately, as the child goes through adolescence, parents lose some control about how much homework gets done and the quality of the work that is produced.  To avoid constant arguing, rules about homework and school performance should be firm and consistent.  Discussing future goals and the benefits of school success with your teen may be a great way to improve academic performance.  As well, checking in with the school administrative, counseling or teaching staff is a great way to enhance your child’s education and achievements.

At Risk Teens set goals in Academic Improvement

Many teens experience times when staying on top of school work is tough.  But, when difficulties of keeping up with school work is linked to a long-term pattern of poor school performance or behavior problems, parents and teachers need to intervene.  To be aware of teens who are at risk for school failure, parents can be aware of some common indicators, including attention problems or disruptive behavior, multiple retentions, poor grades, absenteeism, no involvement in extracurricular school-related activities, lack of confidence, limited goals for the future and other behavior problems. When teens indicate problems in these areas, the student will likely need help from parents and teachers to achieve academic improvement.

If your child is having difficulties at school or showing emotional and behavioral issues, please take action now and give TTS a call at to speak to our Admissions Specialist and receive help today.