About Us

Trinity Teen Solutions is designed to restore the mind, body, and spirit of our troubled teen girls through innovative therapeutic approaches and trauma-informed therapeutic care. Trinity’s entire residential treatment program is centered on God and how each girl can foster a greater relationship with Him. And we work tirelessly to reunite your entire family through family therapy. That’s why we value Christian Counseling, Evidenced-Based Therapy, and Family Systems Therapy.

boarding school for troubled girls

Personal Evaluation & Treatment

After an initial complete evaluation, your daughter’s individual treatment plan will be developed, taking into consideration her unique issues, her particular diagnoses, her ability to process information, assessing her current coping skills, intellectual capabilities, personality traits, her natural gifts and talents and her response to past treatments. She will also be required to continue her education while at our inpatient facility for adolescent girls.

boarding school for troubled teens in Wyoming

First-Class Care from Experienced Staff

Patients’ safety, security, and treatment are protected through intense 24-hour supervision and monitoring by highly trained and specialized staff. With a 1:5 staff-to-patient ratio, we specialize in treating trauma, sexual abuse, adoption issues, divorce issues, borderline personality disorder, behavioral issues, depression, anger, and suicidal patients.

boarding school for troubled teens in Wyoming

Applying Intense Therapy That Works

It takes on average 30 days to change a bad habit and about 90 days or more intense therapy with the same treatment team, starting at residential treatment and then moving to intense day treatment to change mental health and behavioral issues. Trinity Teen Solutions has found that young women treated in the “revolving door” inpatient treatments quickly fall back into old behaviors once they return home. This is generally for two reasons; first, girls don’t know how to adapt their newfound life skills to their old environments. Second, they have a spiritual void in their lives which they attempt to fill with things other than God.

Trinity Teen Solutions offers long-term results for teens in distress. A full 96% of the girls who come to Trinity and complete their stay effectively overcome the struggles in their lives.

We Are Accredited by The Joint Commission

therapeutic boarding schoolTrinity Teen Solutions is accredited for our Behavioral Health programs by The Joint Commission. This means that we have met the requirements and the standards of quality, performance, and patient care set forth by this organization.  The Joint Commission’s accreditation is another piece of information to use in selecting a therapeutic program.

The Joint Commission is a non-profit organization that has been accrediting therapeutic programs for more than 50 years. It sets standards by which healthcare organizations can be measured. Because of their expertise and high standards, The Joint Commission is a leader in the quality field. Their accreditation of a facility is a nationwide seal of approval that indicates that an organization meets high-performance standards.

How does a therapeutic facility become accredited by The Joint Commission?

Accreditation by The Joint Commission is voluntary. A healthcare facility must request that its organization be evaluated. The process for accreditation includes:

  • Staff and patient interviews;
  • Inspection of facility documents, the process of care;
  • Assessment of patient safety, culture, and teamwork;
  • Review of the physical facility; and,
  • Observation of the daily operations of the therapists, including patient care.
boarding school for troubled teens in Wyoming
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You can also learn more about issues that troubled teen girls and parents often face here.

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Meet the Woodward Family & Team

Jerry and Angie Woodward founded Trinity Teen Solutions in 2002 because they know just how difficult it is to raise well-rounded children in today’s world, especially those who have experienced some trauma. In turn, they have a deep desire and burning passion for helping teenage girls and young women who are struggling in life.

Jerry and Angie have made it their mission to help each of these girls that come their way. Over the years, Jerry and Angie have developed a team of experts who share their same passion. We invite you to meet our impressive team by reading the information provided here. If you have any questions and would like to speak with Jerry or Angie directly, please call 307-202-8400.