About Our Summer Program

About Our Summer Program | Trinity Teen Solutions

Summer Program | Trinity Teen SolutionsThe summer program for troubled teens offered at Trinity Teen Solutions

helps girls ages 12-17 beat the odds. When you intervene early in your at-risk daughter’s life, there’s a good chance she can beat the odds with a much shorter treatment program. If your child has begun to display some of the characteristics of struggling teens, contact us immediately to see if Trinity Teen Solutions’ residential summer camp can benefit your daughter. Please call 307-202-8400.

This intense, Christian summer camp for troubled teens is held each year during the months of June, July and August. Enrollment is extremely limited to just a few girls, so booking early is always recommended.

Struggling Teens Can Spend the Summer with God

Our residential summer camp teaches struggling teen girls self control
As a Christian residential summer camp, Trinity Teen Solutions (TTS) offers a temporary home to teenage girls. While attending the program, they can develop their relationship with God and begin to understand His will for their lives.

While at our working ranch in Wyoming, your daughter will participate in outdoor activities with a purpose. Rather than just making crafts, your child – along with the other struggling teens in attendance – will take care of animals and learn to work on the ranch. This develops motivation, self-discipline, self-reliance, personal accountability, dignity and more.

In addition, devotional times as well as therapy sessions with licensed counselors and advisors work to overcome negative behaviors that might have begun to tear down your daughter’s life. Your child can look forward to a closer relationship with God, a greater understanding of her talents and gifts, a more peaceful countenance and a better attitude about her life and family.

Trinity Teen Solutions Offers an All-Inclusive Residential Summer Camp for Troubled Girls

Depending on the program chosen, tuition fees vary. Tuition includes virtually everything your daughter will need while at camp with a few exceptions.

Tuition Includes:

  • Weekly group and individual therapy
  • Personality inventories and clinical assessments
  • 24-hour supervision of struggling teens by our highly specialized staff
  • Therapeutic approaches and therapies
  • Pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements
  • Clothing
  • Toiletries
  • Holy Cowgirl manual – includes personal and spiritual growth material
  • High protein, complex carbohydrate foods
  • Transportation to and from Yellowstone Regional Airport in Cody, Wyoming
  • Family intensive therapy per treatment plan
  • Weekly phone conferencing with staff
  • Disposable cameras

Not Included in Tuition:

Don’t wait to address the issues your struggling teen is facing. The longer it goes on, the worse it will get. While therapy takes time, one visit to Trinity Teen Solutions’ residential summer camp for troubled teens may be all that’s needed to turn her world around. Please contact us by calling 307-202-8400.