6 Things I should Have Noticed Before My Daughter Went Off the Rails


6 Things I should Have Noticed Before My Daughter Went Off the Rails

A friend recently told me that teenage girls unthinkingly head for a rush to self-destruction; why can’t they think of an original way to rebel than the usual drinking and risky behavior?

His comment triggered a situation when my daughter was 16 years old and started going off the rails. Things had begun to go wrong in her life when she was a junior in high school. At first, her acting out was just the common teen pattern of exhibiting inappropriate conduct that was covering up deeper issues. Adolescents seem to be well known for demonstrating how they feel through their misbehavior. At this stage, we believed it was just what every parent had to deal with and the question was, how best to manage it.

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Inappropriate Conduct May Be Covering Up Deeper Issues

During the first two terms, there were other signs that my adolescent was not striving. The kid who was, at one time, at the top of her game in academics was now failing in grades. If I would have taken the time to recognize other clues, I would have noticed that her friends had not come around for a while. Was she getting along with her peers? I didn’t know.

She had always been a child I could talk to on a regular basis, although, lately she had been very distant. It was the final straw when I was receiving a call or email every week about some latest defiance or verbal abuse in school, that I started to look at the reasons why my girls was behaving so strangely in a way that is not acceptable to society with drastic changes in her mood and behavior.

Reasons Your Daughter Needs Professional Help

Running away
Participating in illegal activities
Signs of depression
Sexually acting out
Drug and alcohol use
Eating problems like overeating and purging
Exhibiting angry conduct

If your child is exhibiting any of these behaviors or you are noticing any signs of covering up deep issues, seek professional help immediately. We are passionate about producing long-term results in girls who are experiencing an array of behavioral problems and serious issues.