Residential Treatment Centers for Troubled Girls in Tennessee

Trinity Teen Solutions - Professional licensed therapist counseling a teen girlTroubled girls living in Tennessee can obtain urgent help through residential treatment centers. Treating teens can be challenging and usually involves more comprehensive and multidisciplinary approaches. Residential treatment centers deliver a highly individualized approach to treatment where educational, mental, spiritual, and social needs are constantly assessed throughout the treatment process. If you are a parent in crisis, please call 855-631-4424 to speak with our Admissions Counselor, immediately.

Residential treatment centers exist to help restore the lives of troubled youth who are in great need of change. These programs help teenagers to successfully achieve recovery from bad behavior by supporting them to develop a new mind set that allows for positive change. If your child suffers with self-defeating behaviors or emotional issues, residential treatment centers may be a great opportunity for improvement.

Help for Teenage Girls from Tennessee

Trinity Teen Solutions helps teenage girls grow through our Christian focused residential treatment center. We are uniquely equipped for assisting teenage girls in learning qualities of leadership, responsibility and integrity, Along with daily opportunities for spiritual growth and development, we provide individualized programs of academic study which are custom-made to meet the needs of each student. Trinity Teen Solutions is dedicated to helping girls from all backgrounds make successful transitions from adolescence to adulthood.

Common Issues of Troubled Girls in need of Residential Treatment Centers

  • ODD
  • PTSD
  • RAD
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Learning disabilities
  • Depression
  • Sadness
  • Substance abuse
  • Eating disorders
  • Self-harm

If your daughter would benefit from the services available at Trinity Teen Solutions, please contact our caring Family Advocates by calling 855-631-4424.

Help your daughter know how to avoid the risks relating to texting. Do not allow texting while driving. Some research suggests that texting while driving is more than 20 times as dangerous as driving alone. On average, teenagers struggle with texting and driving far more than anyone else.

Believe it or not, teens want to be close to their parents, and they want to have a friendship. If you can steer your closeness in an accepting way that doesn't take advantage of your role as parent, your daughter will be more likely to open up and share with you.

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  Many young adults in our society today are plagued by mental disorders, one of the most common disorders that adolescents suffer from ADD or ADHD issues. Short for attention deficit disorder, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, affects the lives of many troubled teens. Yet parents need not to worry, you are not alone in your struggle to help your child. Trinity Teen Solutions will be a

  As anyone can remember, homework was never really that fun to do during school. Kids struggle with procrastination with school and their homework as well, and while adults can relate, it is important that parents help their teens avoid procrastinating in order to be successful in school. Laying down rules, providing rewards, and being involved with their studying can help parents make sure that their child is

  By: Angie Woodward Only bad kids get kicked out of school. This statement often amuses me, as there seems to be a surplus of parents who think their kids are incapable of wrong-doing. "Gasp! Oh no, not MY child!" often comes from their mouths. They will assert that their child is the epitome of goodness, and it is because of their perfect parenting. Studies suggest that 96 percent of the mothers and fathers in this country thi

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